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【CO,News】CJTconn National Day holiday notification on 2017
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 In 2017, the longest vacation was called (Mid Autumn Festival and national day). The division from October 1, 2017 to October 8 during the holiday, 9 to normal work, during this period, there are any problems to be handled in time after the festival for you, thank you for your understanding!

Friends can enjoy the national day. It felt so good have you? Grab tickets, travel, step on the street, see people, watch traffic jams, party, reunion, think home...... It's exciting just to think about it. * National Day Mid Autumn Festival is coming, let us wish of the family circle, and the home Xing! CJTconn Yangtze friends wish connectors have a happy holiday! After the national day, there will be no long holidays this year!!! Another vacation is waiting for next year. After the holiday is not so easy to suppliers, orders, scheduling, delivery, to make plans. Aside from Saturday's weekend, there will be a dozen working days left in October. Before the holidays, orders, orders after the festival have come to you, production plans are properly arranged? Is it possible to make delivery as soon as possible?
In 2017, there will be 20% of the time left. Think about the pressure In a blink of an eye, and again to the year, your one hundred million small goals to achieve how much?
How much did you deposit your money?
How much is your production?
How many of your connectors have not been found?


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