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【Industry News】Why is the TE connector quickly recognized worldwide?
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 Why choose the TE data and end equipment division? As a supplier company, you have to think about where the value is. First of all, we should be able to provide users with innovative products to help them gain a leading position in the increasingly competitive market. Second, to have a diverse range of products, not only backplane, cable and output / output devices, but also different product combinations for different application areas, this is what users value most. When there is a diversified demand, you can find TE, for the user "one-stop" to meet the diverse requirements, whether in terms of connectors or sensors.

With the rapid development of the Internet of things, more and more social media applications appear, and then improve the efficiency of data transmission. From 2G to 3G, 4G, and even 5G, consumers want instant access to information, and data generated by the Internet of things also need to be quickly transmitted and processed, so data transmission is critical. And the trend of high-speed, precisely demonstrates the competitiveness of TE. In innovation, R & D investment, to help TE cope with the challenges of high speed, help achieve rapid data transmission and processing.
In addition, TE can provide complete data solutions for customers, including solutions inside the data network, information and entertainment and driving safety, its products include: Ethernet connector, HSD series and HSL series of high-speed data transmission, HDMI E type connector series connector, FAKRA connector, II/IV coaxial signal series auto Wi-Fi, Bluetooth the 4G and LTE antenna with MATENET on the car. With the increasing demand for data processing by customers, the technical support of TE can help speed up the innovation process of the whole vehicle factory in the field of interconnected automobiles and automatic driving.
Of course, in virtual reality, the main product offered by TE is cable products. Why cable products? Jason Merszei pointed out, because in the virtual reality has a major problem is the data transmission delay, the virtual world to obtain information and data can be immediately reflected in your experience, you need high speed cable equipment, such as your helmet, whether can handle in a timely manner to these data transmission through high speed cable the TE can be reduced as much as possible even without delay, then you can have a real feeling, your hand operation can be immediate reflected in the virtual world.


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